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NO ONE, NO ONE! Should be selling rescue equipment without fully supporting training.

In 1989, Howell Rescue Systems saw a need for expert extrication training and started a weekend extrication course called, simply, “Crash Course.”

Crash Course grew and grew into “Crash Course Weekend,” then :Crash Course Heavy”.   As is grew and grew, it was clear that “Crash Course” need to split off and become its own organization.   

Crash Course Village was formed as a 501c3 Charity in 2013 to assist fire departments with continuing training as they strive to be better servants for their communities. The departments Crash Course Village have trained over the years have all had the drive to better themselves for the good of their communities. We understand the gravity of that drive and have developed a training organization centered around creating the best rescuers in the world.

Crash Course Village has grown to a network of nearly 100 instructors from all rescue disciplines, including; vehicle extrication, rope rescue, heavy rescue, new vehicle technology, hazmat, confined space rescue, trench collapse, swift water rescue, and more! These instructors are the backbone of our organization. They are the reason each student that goes through a rescue training course with us leaves us more confident, more knowledgeable, and more prepared for rescues in the real world than ever before!

Crash Course Village, a new way to provide extrication and rescue training for fire and rescue personnel.

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