What’s New on the SLi Line of Battery Rescue Tools?

Genesis EFORCE SLi:   Still Leading The Way

Milwaukee M18 8.0ah Battery  |  3 Stage “Switching” Pump

Genesis Smart APP  |  Smooth Cut Blade Technology


Milwaukee M18 8.0ah Battery – The Genesis SLi Eforce tools are powered by the Milwaukee M18 battery platform. This non-proprietary battery allows the end user the ability to power many of the tools on any apparatus while only having to worry about one type of battery. Milwaukee offers 400+ hand tools in the M18 battery line. Accessibility combined with a wide availability and reasonable price makes this a huge advantage for any department.

3 Stage “Switching” Pump – Genesis Rescue Systems has taken the power and efficiency of Smart Valve Technology and made it even better.  The 3-stage pump has an additional Smart Valve that allows for improved switching between 3 different pressure ranges. The tool will automatically select the correct pressure range based on the material being cut, thus creating the perfect balance of speed and power.

The Genesis SLi Smart App –  The Genesis SLi Smart App for phone and tablet is revolutionary in the Extrication tool industry.  The app allows your department a multitude of features including; Training mode, Service Alerts, Theft Protection, and Max Pressure indication.

  • Training:
    • Safety Stop: Remotely stop the tool from the smart app. Very useful in training scenarios to draw attention to tool placement.
    • Live Pressure Graphs: View live time pressure graphs while the tool is in operation. Great for comparing different materials an operator may encounter during and extrication and learning where to position the tool for the most effective use.
    • High and Low Speed: Adjust the speed of the tool between 100% and 75%. The slow speed mode can be used to give new operators a more realistic feel for cutting high strength materials when working with older junkyard cars.
  • Service:
    • The new Eforce-SLi tools are designed to know there is a problem before you do. In the unlikely event that something malfunctions with a tool, notifications will automatically be sent to your service representative for repair.
    • Self-Test: Departments now have the ability to run self-tests on the tools via a 9 step process to ensure the tool is in peak operating condition.
    • Service Graphs: Service techs now have access to multiple different live data graphs while the tool is in Service Mode.
  • Theft Protection:
    • Departments are now able to see where their tools are at all times.
    • Use Geo-fence technology to outline a service area and get alerts if a tool leaves your registered area.
    • Through the app, the admin is able to lock the tool out of operation in the rare case that it goes missing. The tool, once locked, will begin to transmit its location every 30 seconds.
  • Max Pressure Indicator:
    • Eforce-SLi tools will now display a light on the control panel indicating the tools has reached max pressure.
    • There is a 2 second delay between when the tool hits max pressure and the light turns on. This 2 second delay is intentional as many cuts or spreads take a couple of seconds at max pressure to complete an evolution when dealing with high strength steel.

Smooth Cut Blade TechnologyGenesis Smooth Cut Blade Technology tackles one of the biggest issues in combating HSLA/UHSS.  For many years the high strength steel in vehicles has been overcome by applying immense pressure to a small area to fracture the steel.  Smooth-Cut Technology uses brand new geometry in the blade design paired with the power of Genesis hydraulic technology, to pierce the material in many different areas at once to create a cutting action that is controlled and significantly reduces the explosive release within the UHSS.


Genesis SLi Tools has available the ability to be completely Salt, Fresh, and Dirty water submersible.  By attaching the waterproof battery cover, the SLi series tools all carry a IP68 rating.  This addition makes the Genesis SLi tools the most versatile and intelligent tools on the market today!!