The Ultimate in Positive Pressure Ventilation Firefighter Fans

Super Vac delivers the world’s largest lineup of positive pressure ventilation fans, from our 8” confined space fan to our 80” large-scale PPV fan in a variety of power options — battery, electric, gasoline or hydraulics. These fans are specially designed to use positive airflow to remove heat, smoke and products of combustion from a structure on a fire scene. Among these single- and variable-speed fans, you’ll find the Valor Series with its lightweight aluminum roll-cage design or the 7-Series in its tried-and-true steel-frame design.

The Culmination of Super Vac Engineering

Made in America, the Super Vac battery fan is one of the most rugged, durable fans in the fire industry, evidenced by this torture test video. Watch as we throw a battery fan off a roof and put it to the test with other fireground challenges.

A World-Renowned Ventilation Equipment Manufacturer

Super Vac manufactures battery-, electric-, gasoline-, hydraulic- and air-powered units for emergency response and industrial applications at its 160,000-square-foot Colorado factory, where we pride ourselves on independent manufacturing processes.

You Pick the Battery Platform,
We’ll Bring the Fan

The all-new Super Vac 16″, 18″ and 20″ variable-speed battery fans, which operate with your choice of DeWalt®,  Milwaukee® or Makita® batteries, are the most compatible PPVs on the market