Genesis Spreaders

Extrication Spreaders

Genesis Rescue Systems offers multiple spreader options across their EFORCE-SL3 and SLi lines. Genesis Spreaders, all NFPA compliant and rated, feature an aggressive tip design for maximum grip, forged arms for durability, 2 stage motor for power, and rocker switch controls for ergonomics and fine tool control. These spreaders are designed to provide the user a safe and effective grip through the entire length of the spread.

Extrication Cutters

Staying on the “cutting edge” of rescue technology. Genesis Rescue continues to apply innovation and advancement to its line of extrication cutters. This started with NxtGen blade inserts to reduce the need for full blade replacements. The advancement continues with the introduction of Smooth Cut blades offering the user a cleaner and safer cut by eliminating the shock when finishing a cut on many new High-Strength Steels. The full line up of NFPA rated cutters comes standard with rocker switch controls and fully forged, German steel, blades and inserts.

Combination Tools

For when you need a tool that does it all on an extrication scene. Combination tools (Combi-Tools) from Genesis Rescue Systems offer the user benefits from multiple tool categories such as spreaders, cutters, and even rams with the Mechanical Ram attachment. The full line of Combi-Tools offers an incredible number of options for a department to select from. 5 models of tool combined with multiple different tips and accessories, allow a department or user access to a tool for any scenario they may encounter.

Extrication Rams

The innovation from Genesis Rescue Systems does not stop at Spreaders and Cutters. Genesis Rams push the envelope when it comes to determining what is possible in a rescue ram. Offering multiple “Push-Pull” rams and some of the lightest standard and telescopic rams on the market, users will immediately feel the difference between Genesis and the competition. These rams come in a wide range of sizes spreading from 21 to 54 inches with the option for extensions to extend your reach even further. Genesis Rescue Systems also offers a patented “Angled V-Head” attachment for their rams which allows for unparalleled grip to achieve success in extrications scenarios where others fail.