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Air Compressors:

With a wide variety of Breathing Air Compressors in both 5,000 and 6,000 psi, there is something to fit every department. Available in vertical and horizontal orientations. Cascade fill systems available.

Air Filling Stations (Boombox):

Air fill stations, for either stationary or mobile SCBA air refills, provide the cylinder refill operator with a greater measure of safety. NPFA mandates containment fill stations for fire trucks. Available with optional control panel.

Air Control Panels:

American Airworks’ Signature Series air control panels include hand-crafted construction, stainless steel tubing throughout, and customized configurations. The air control panel meets the NFPA 1901 standard for mobile emergency vehicles, both trucks and trailers.

Air Quality Monitors:

Accurate, easy to use, and to calibrate, the AirCal 2000 ensures you are producing CGA/NFPA Grade D & E air. Air sensors trigger the audible and visual alarms and immediately shuts your compressor down. The LCD gives you an error message as to the problem that caused the shut down sequence.