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Howell Rescue Systems

Leading the rescue industry in cutting edge rescue tool sales and service.

We are dedicated to selling quality tools and providing over-the-top service to our rescue tool customer's needs.

Howell Rescue Systems has been in the "Saving Lives" business since 1972. That's 47 plus years of servicing the needs of Fire Department's and Rescue Companies around the world.

HRS is proud of the reputation our organization maintains through quality tools, conscientious sales, and flawless service. We continue to maintain the highest standard of service to the customer every day.

Our mission is to provide the best, to the best. This is a fairly simply idea and simple way to run a business. We provide high quality rescue tools, to high quality rescue teams. Service is the key to the entire package, our sales and service team are second to none. Without a quality, responsive service team, your tool purchase is only half complete. Test

Hydraulic Tools

Hydraulic power tools, the benchmark of extrication power. Genesis Rescue Systems and Howell Rescue Systems offer a full line of high strength alloy steel capable tools. Give us a call today for a tool demo at 800.228.7612

Battery Tools

The new technology and capabilities of battery powered tools is staggering. Many of our customers are choosing complete battery systems over traditional hydraulic tools. Take a look today. Call today for a tool demo - 800.228.7612


Howell Rescue Systems carries a full line of rescue tool accessories. This includes chain kits, crash kits, hose and couplers, hose reels and much more. Take a look at our rescue tool accessory page to get you headed in the right direction.

Training & Service

Selling rescue tools is not the end of the transaction, it is only the beginning. Howell Rescue Systems offers full service and full extrication training after the sale. See all our services and training opportunities.

Call for a Demo

We proudly sell and service Genesis Rescue System tools. Have you had your hands on Genesis Rescue Systems tools? Call today for a free tool demo.

A full rescue tool demonstration is the only way to truly evaluate rescue tools. Our sales professionals will come to your location and demonstrate the full line of both conventional and battery power rescue tools. They will show you the capabilities of the equipment and help you determine your organizations needs.

Service After The Sale

Service after a purchase of rescue tools is critical. Factory trained and certified technicians for quality rescue tools maintenance.

Well fully understand your needs to have "ready-to-go" and "in-service" rescue tools. Extrication tools are true "workhorses" of the rescue business, they require maintenance. At Howell Rescue Systems we employee fully trained technicians that will service your rescue tools at your facility.

Our Tool Inventory

Every rescue organization and team has different tool needs. That is why we carry a wide variety of rescue tools. Take a look at all our products.


HRS Launches New Web Site

Howell Rescue Systems launches a brand new web look to better serve customers and "surfers" alike. >>

NFPA 1936 Explained

Howell Rescue Systems and Genesis Rescue Systems explain the NFPA 1936 numbers and why they are important to you. >>

EFORCE 2.0 hits the market!

Genesis 2.0 EFORCE tools are HERE. They are proving themselves in both sales and much more importantly, in the field, on real rescues. >>

New service van on the road

Howell Rescue Systems continues to provide unmatched service after the sale on rescue tools and SCBA. On December 15, a new service van hit the road, servicing customers in the Western PA area. >>